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December 22, 2018

Hey everyone! Welcome to my new portfolio, and more importantly, my new blog! 🎉

My current portfolio was in desperate need of a refresh and update, but instead of making another static site to show off my work, I’ve gone the long route of developing this blog. This way I can continue to showcase all my work, while being able to share my thoughts on coding and whatever else comes to mind.

For those interested, this blog runs on Gatsby.js, powered by React.js. I’m currently using the gatsby-starter-blog template, but looking to further customize this great starter template in the future. You can see my current progress on redesigning my portfolio here.

Now, let’s kick this blog off with a discussion between myself and a pessimistic viewer:

Woooow, nice blog you got there Griffin.

Oh, hey thanks!

I was being sarcastic.

Oh. Uhhhh, less thanks?

I checked out your portfolio and saw nothing there. Plus this blog is using a default theme. What are you, some kind of web designer?

This is one of my first ventures into React, so I’m still getting the hang of the syntax and structure. I hope to create an aesthetic design to my blog and portfolio in the coming future.

So what are you going to even blog about, your failed chicken parm recipes?

Hey, you know I’m getting better at that. And no, I’m planning on mostly blogging about programming, with a focus on JavaScript and CSS. There also might be a couple of things that I feel passionate enough about to create a blog post about.

Alright, let’s just saaay you got my attention and let’s just saaaay I would like to follow this blog. How can I do that?

Well, under that hypothetical, you can follow me on Twitter @griff_js for now and I will tweet out the latest blog updates.

Well, ok then, I’m going to go. Also, could you please start using tabs instead of spaces?

… let me show you the door.

Let’s keep the discussion going! You can find me on Twitter @griff_js and you can also leave a comment down below. I’ll try to get back to every response!

🖖, Griffin

Griffin Wiebel

Griffin Wiebel is a software developer based in Austin, TX working at General Motors. Check out his portfolio and follow him on Twitter